About Us


Laquercia21 is an Italian carpentry founded in 2010 as the dream of two young carpenters.

Our carpentry is located in a small italian village, called La Quercia di Narni, in the Umbria’s countryside, a small green region in the center of Italy, between Florence and Rome.

Here we started to design, visualize and build custom-made furniture and decorations for private houses, restaurants and bars, shops and public spaces.

Laquercia21 is an eclectic idea which always changes by mixing any creative suggestion with functional characteristics.

We move from the contemporary design to the traditional craftsmanship, taking inspiration from the world we are surrounded by, as well as art, vintage-pop culture and ecodesign.

Our way of production is totally handmade and supported by the traditional carpentry’s techniques.

We design and create unique pieces of furniture. We love the uniqueness of the items. We believe that design has to free itself from the mass production, which produces beautiful and fucntional but identical objects.

Our furniture is 100% customizable and made using solid wood, new and reclaimed, iron, recycled materials, fabrics, resins, plexiglass and much more.

We believe in a different way of thinking furniture, reusing materials and always looking for original alternatives!

Laquercia21 today are: Luca De Pascalis, Nicola Gubiotti, Matteo Torricelli, Bunja Sanneh.

Nicola and Luca are cousins. Since they were adolescents they showed a strong interest in wood and furniture’s restoration. After the first attempts with the family’s furniture, they decided to study as carpenters. For this reason, in 2001, after finishing their university careers, they joined the Renato Bufalini school for carpenters. The school is internationally known for its excellent carpenters and handmade furniture’s production

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Each Laquercia21’s piece of furniture is produced in our workshop using only traditional carpentry techniques, without the aid of numerically controlled machines. We take care of the whole process: from the birth of the idea to the delivery stage.

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While you are browsing our catalog if you come across to the idea that fits to your needs and taste, send us an email in which you can describe your project, the dimensions you need and any important details that can be useful for us to design the item for you!

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Laquercia21 actively proposes itself as an open space for co-planning with architects and interior designers.

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