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Discover our sustainable furniture: handmade recycled and new wooden one of a kind items design and made at our Italian laborarory. Each piece of furniture is unique and design for a specific purpose.

We can replicate one of our furnishings but we never make the exact copy of the original one! The use of reclaimed wood make the mass production impossibile, so… let’s be inspired by diversity and fortuity!

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high sideboards and pantries



tavolo rotondo da pranzo con gambe in massello e piano in listelli legno vintage azzurro

Tavolo Elico

2.400 1.800 €

Our philosophy: uniqueness, creativity and wood

The philosophy behind our furniture is the uniqueness of the gesture and of the item: we design and produce one piece of furniture for a specific purpose and a specific client.

We love that each of our customers has their own unique piece of furniture designed and created only for them. We don’t believe in the mass production where items and products are endlessly identical to a prototype.

We believe in diversity, uniqueness and in creativity.

That’s why we think that a piece of furniture should somehow tell a new story and empathize with the people who have chosen it, commissioned or even designed it.

This is the main strength of craftsmanship: work handmade and in a woodworking laboratory means created by unique and irrepetible gestures, which is the result of a direct contact with the client. This allows the craftsman to imagine and interpret the needs and the tast of their commissioners.

recycled wooden sustainable furniture

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