Wardrobes and closets

Customizable and handmade
armadio artigianale in legno di recupero
armadio in legno di recupero per camera contemporanea
Customizable in colors and dimensions

Reclaimed wood wardrobe

When we design a wardrobe we try to combine the advantages of the industrial design, such as maximum functionality, attention to details and well-organized internal equipment, with our original aesthetic research.

Each wardrobe is unique for us: it has to be designed in order to respond to clients’ needs and habits, because a  customized wardrobe is an experience to live and develop more than a standard object to buy. We take care of all the stages of the creation process personally: from the design to the delivery and assembly.

Our best-seller kind of closet is the reclaimed wood wardrobe built using reclaimed spruce boards only which we can paint with colors or leave it in its natural shade.

This kind of wood is a very raw material which we refurbish in order to make it stable, almost smooth and safe (we eliminate all the sprinters and parts that might scratch.

It is important to understand that the beauty of the reclaimed spruce boards are their imperfection, irregularity and diversity (none of the boards is identical to other, this is its main characteristic).

Guardaroba artigianale in legno su misura
Armadio Cantiere Sognante 2017
Reclaimed and painted wooden doors and structure

A grey color wardrobe

An alternative to the wardrobe  entirely made with recycled wood can be a mix of new and reclaimed solid wood.

The structure can be made using open pore painted oak wood (in this case we chose grey color but the tone can be chosen among the RAL colors) and the doors and fronts of drawers with recycled wood alternated with solid new wood new in its natural shade.

armadio in legno grigio
Armadio in legno grigio 2020
armadio in legno grigio
Armadio in legno grigio 2020
Armadio in ferro e legno . Progetto architetto Soler
Armadio Rovere e Ferro prog. Arch. Sandra Mestre Soler 2013
Cassettone armadio ferro e legno rovere
Italian handmade design

Customized (and customizable) wardrobes

Our wardrobes, which are handcrafted and handmade, are 100% customizable. The first step for us is to understand all the functions that the wardrobe must have: this allow us to design a fully customized wardrobe.

Once defined this, we move on to the customization step by the creation of a first 3D project, without taking into account colors, materials, only paying attention to the structure and the organization of the internal space (numbers of doors, drawers, etc.)

Then we try to find together with the customer an aesthetic reference, taking inspiration from our already designed contemporary wardrobes or sideboards (yes, because the design of a closet is very similar to sideboards’ one). In this step we decide the colors, materials and finishes of it.

Thereby we have a first complete project that allows us to give a quotation and define the delivery time. The first project and quotation are for free.

Elegant industrial style

Solid wood wardrobe

Customization involves not only dimensions but also the possibility of choosing materials, internal organization, shape and functionality.

A wardrobe can become a characterizing element of a room and also become a partition between one space and another, and can be a part of the living room furniture.

In this case the Arch. Nicola Saraceno has designed an entirely solid wood wardrobe in which one of the doors is actually a door that delimits the sleeping area and that allows you to continue wardrobes and the materials chosen for the room also in the corridor.

Armadio in rovere e acciaio con cassetti e ante. Progetto su misura de Laquercia21 e architetto Saraceno
Armadio Rovere e Ferro prog. Arch. Nicola Saraceno 2014
armadio legno rovere
armadio legno naturale
The power of the natural shade of the wood

Natural wood only

Nature is a furniture series we designed using only solid wood (old and new) left in its natural tone.

The natural nuances of the woods allow us to play, creating geometric colored patterns without intervening on the wood adding water colors.

Also the Nature wardrobe takes up the concept of using natural wood only both for the structure and the doors and drawers. 

Each of our wardrobes is handmade, without the use of CNC machines, which allows you to customize every wardrobe in detail (not only in the sizes but also in the types of wood to use and the chromatic yokes to recreate).

armadio legno naturale
We love contrasts

Materials and colors mix

The doors of a wardrobe can be made by combining different materials: the contrasts create a game of light and shadow, old and new, hot and cold. For this reason in some cases we mix iron and oak, in others we combine a white lacquering with reclaimed woods.

We use these combinations in cupboards, Pupazzi, wall system and are visible by browsing our website. A wide range of possibilities to harmonize the doors with the already existing furniture and tones of the room

Armadio in legno laccato bianco con maniglie di legno riciclato
Armadio Laccato con Rovere prog. Arch. Sandra Mestre Soler 2014
armadio in legno grigio
Armadio in legno grigio 2020

When the project is finished we are really at the beginning of the whole process of designing a wardrobe. The research of materials is a very important step: an ancient door, an old solid wood table, an oxidized metal sheet. After this step we have to decide how to combine these different materials. The hole of a key, a grain, a spot, a hinge: the composition is subject to some constraint details such as the dimensions of the chosen boards, their thickness, their durability.

armadio in legno massello
Armadio Eleonora 2018
Choose dimensions, material, shapes and colors

customized wardrobe: strenghts

The possibility of designing a wardrobe from scratch, without pre-constructed modules, gives us the possibility of building something that can perfectly meet the needs of space and customers.

If you need a lot of space but are afraid to weigh down the room with a huge closed wardrobe, an option can be to alternate closed parts with open ones to store books, objects or lamps.

armadio artigianale
Libreria con armadio Francesca 2018
Reclaimed wood doors

Technical detail

Per realizzare le ante in legno di recupero utilizziamo principalmente due sistemi costruttivi: il primo consiste nel realizzare un telaio in abete di recupero e pannelli interni con tavole antiche dalle patine colorate. Il secondo consiste nell’utilizzare i vecchi pannelli da cantiere restaurati, tenuti al loro colore originale, leggermente sbiancati o colorati.

credenza guido laccatura colore e stoffa e legno di recupero
armadio in legno grigio

You choose the ingredients!

Our catalogue has to be taken as a guide among our creations, ideas and kinds of solutions for decorating your home. They are a sort of family albums which show all the furniture designed and built along the years.

You can use it as an inspirational idea and move from it towards your custom-made and personalized furniture.
You can mix the ingredients as you like it: shapes, materials, dimensions, woods, reclaimed or new solid wood. This is the starting point which leads you to your customized handmade furniture!

Dimensions of the item

Choose the dimension of the object (we use centimeters): let us know about the height, width and depth. If you prefer your can send us the plan of the room and we will decide with you the dimension.

Sample or reference

Choose one or more already designed pieces of furniture from our catalogue. This will be the starting point of the designing process.

extra characteristics

Define the internal spaces, the number of drawers and doors and any special characteristic you think the furniture should have. Or if you want we can make it for you!

Choice of materials

Which finishes do you prefer? You can choose almost any detail of the new furnishing: handles, colors, finishes, materials, wood species, etc.

Pics of the room/space

Please feel free to send us some photos of the room in which the furniture will be inserted. This is very useful for us to understand your taste and style.


If you have a budget in mind please let us know: this can help us to define your project.

And then… we do the rest!
First of all we create a 3D project which gives you an idea of the result. From this step we start to modify the project as you suggest. We continue until we don’t reach your ideal furniture!

Do you need any help?

To start with a customized design or ask for a quotation please click below.