Patchwork furniture

Solid wood with coloured laquerings
Credenza contemporanea su misura con ante e cassetti in legno massello. La laccatura rossa può essere sostituita da qualsiasi colore Ral.
Credenza Patchwork 2014
Credenza Patchwork in legno massello lasciato al naturale
Credenza Patchwork 2014
Patchwork sideboards


All the doors and drawers of the “Patchwork” sideboards are made with different wood species in their natural color and shade. The construction techniques are one used by the traditional carpentry and woo the natural movement of wood.

Solid wood is used in all its shades which can create natural visual contrasts. We use from white maple to wenge black , passing through all the shades offered by mother nature. The assembly makes this patchwork effect possible. We can put together the different pieces of wood using different combinations: randomly, stripes, grids, oblique crossings.



The structure of this sideboard is made of stable materials: plywood, marine plywood, mdf and blockboard, suitable for lacquering or coloured resin coverings.

Clients can choose the lacquering in any color, by indicating the RAL code they want or alternatively a resin material finish according to their tastes.

Laquercia21 furniture is unique and our purpose is composed of handmade pieces made with artisanal techniques.  We humanized the whole designing process: from the idea to the delivery.

We personally take care of each step which brings you to your custom made furniture.

Credenza contemporanea su misura con ante e cassetti in legno massello. La laccatura rossa può essere sostituita da qualsiasi colore Ral.
Credenza contemporanea su misura con ante e cassetti in legno massello. La laccatura rossa può essere sostituita da qualsiasi colore Ral.


CredenzaCredenza madia in legno massello con struttura in resina per mobili
Patchwork Cemento 2014
Credenza vintage con ante e vani a giorno. La finitura della struttura è una resina color grigio cemento. Il legno di recupero è sui toni del verde e beige.
credenza rossa
sportelli legno massello per madia
vetrina con vetri rossi e sportelli legno massello
credenza alta rossa
Dispensa Patchwork Windows 2020
credenza rossa
credenza rossa
A contemporary secretaire


Pinocchio is a glossy red lacquered folding desk, with the front of the top and four drawers made of maple and wenge wood . The antique secretaire transformed into a shiny 1950s toy.

scrittoio in legno massello e laccatura rosso e secretaire

You choose the ingredients!

Our catalogue has to be taken as a guide among our creations, ideas and kinds of solutions for decorating your home. They are a sort of family albums which show all the furniture designed and built along the years.

You can use it as an inspirational idea and move from it towards your custom-made and personalized furniture.
You can mix the ingredients as you like it: shapes, materials, dimensions, woods, reclaimed or new solid wood. This is the starting point which leads you to your customized handmade furniture!

Dimensions of the item

Choose the dimension of the object (we use centimeters): let us know about the height, width and depth. If you prefer your can send us the plan of the room and we will decide with you the dimension.

Sample or reference

Choose one or more already designed pieces of furniture from our catalogue. This will be the starting point of the designing process.

extra characteristics

Define the internal spaces, the number of drawers and doors and any special characteristic you think the furniture should have. Or if you want we can make it for you!

Choice of materials

Which finishes do you prefer? You can choose almost any detail of the new furnishing: handles, colors, finishes, materials, wood species, etc.

Pics of the room/space

Please feel free to send us some photos of the room in which the furniture will be inserted. This is very useful for us to understand your taste and style.


If you have a budget in mind please let us know: this can help us to define your project.

And then… we do the rest!
First of all we create a 3D project which gives you an idea of the result. From this step we start to modify the project as you suggest. We continue until we don’t reach your ideal furniture!

Do you need any help?

To start with a customized design or ask for a quotation please click below.