The natural shade of wood
Arredi su misura per la zona living e la casa. Arredamenti con legno di recupero e massello
Credenza Nature 2018
dettaglio credenza in legno massello
A new research


This family of sideboards has an evocative name (which you can pronounce in French, English and even Italian!): nature. We choose this name because it emphasises our new aesthetic field in which we are moving right now.  all in the sign of the natural shades of wood, old and new.

A nuance made of textures


The combination of the different types of wood allows us to create an infinite number of graphic games and pictorial effects. The leitmotiv of each of these sideboards is the use of the natural wood as a warm, soft, elegant material, without staining other elements.

Maple, oak and canaletto walnut wood: Nature Grafica

Credenza con ante e sportelli in legno massello chiaro e scuro vecchio e nuovo
Credenza Nature Grafica 2018
Pomelli di design. Madie e credenze moderne in legno su misura de Laquercia21
Credenza in legno Nature Grafica
Credenza Nature Grafica, 2020 per Mariner Ceramiche

We use numerous types of solid wood: fir, oak, ash, walnut, maple, up to more rare and exotic essences such as wengè and padouk . The solid wood is sectioned and assembled in order to contain and stabilize its movements over time, or alternatively it is reduced to 4mm thick slabs and used for mosaics and inlays.

New solid wood only

Grafica 2

A sideboard entirely made with a mix of different types of solid woods with a colored detail made with two doors with antique glass doors, one red and one blue.

The handles are interspersed with the slots on the doors giving movement to the whole sideboard.

Credenza in legno massello con sportelli
Credenza Nature Grafica 2 2018
dettaglio buffet contemporaneo legno massello e telaio con vetro rosso
Lavello in grassello di calce verde
Mobile bagno Scaleno 2018
Mobile bagno cassetti legno massello e vasca Maidea
Mobile bagno Scaleno 2018


The construction of these bathroom cabinets is made by using many of the traditional joinery techniques and the inlays art: craftsmanship allows to combine a particular aesthetic research with mixing woods in their natural shade.

Maple, oak and dark walnut


An irrational grid: The construction technique of the doors contemplates the natural movement of the wood, the aesthetic recalls medieval or even older wooden grids, the unruly variations of the textures bring us back to today.

credenza con sportelli e cassetti legno massello contemporaneo
Credenza Messalina 2017
Credenza messalina legno massello
credenza in legno massello varie essenze fatto a mano
Credenza Messalina 2017
Aesthetics and functionality


The doors open by using the grids.

The top drawer is a joke, a hiding place for all those who do not exceed 180 cm in height.

You choose the ingredients!

Our catalogue has to be taken as a guide among our creations, ideas and kinds of solutions for decorating your home. They are a sort of family albums which show all the furniture designed and built along the years.

You can use it as an inspirational idea and move from it towards your custom-made and personalized furniture.
You can mix the ingredients as you like it: shapes, materials, dimensions, woods, reclaimed or new solid wood. This is the starting point which leads you to your customized handmade furniture!

Dimensions of the item

Choose the dimension of the object (we use centimeters): let us know about the height, width and depth. If you prefer your can send us the plan of the room and we will decide with you the dimension.

Sample or reference

Choose one or more already designed pieces of furniture from our catalogue. This will be the starting point of the designing process.

extra characteristics

Define the internal spaces, the number of drawers and doors and any special characteristic you think the furniture should have. Or if you want we can make it for you!

Choice of materials

Which finishes do you prefer? You can choose almost any detail of the new furnishing: handles, colors, finishes, materials, wood species, etc.

Pics of the room/space

Please feel free to send us some photos of the room in which the furniture will be inserted. This is very useful for us to understand your taste and style.


If you have a budget in mind please let us know: this can help us to define your project.

And then… we do the rest!
First of all we create a 3D project which gives you an idea of the result. From this step we start to modify the project as you suggest. We continue until we don’t reach your ideal furniture!

Do you need any help?

To start with a customized design or ask for a quotation please click below.