Low and coffee tables

Living the living in style
Low tables tailored-made for the living area

A fundamental support

Choosing the low or coffee table to be placed in front of or next to the sofa is not a trivial choice: we need to understand what kind of surface we need, the height, the ability to move it easily, the color and materials and many other characteristics. The custom-made furniture allows you to customize existing models or designs from scratch the perfect coffee table for the living area that fits your needs and your tastes.

tavolo basso e tavolini da soggiorno

Lacquered coffee tables with reclaimed wood

All our tables, furnishings and furniture are customizable. Tetris coffee table has been transformed many times: mix of different reclaimed woods (different colors and shades), lacquers, shapes (square, rectangular and even round!). The legs are flush with the top and their height can be customized too. Tetris can also be designed with the dimensions of a standard or even maxi dining table!


Movable tables

Modular coffee tables

These coffee tables, designed by the architect Settimio Belelli, are an ingenious solution to create a large central square island and at the same time to have the possibility of dividing the composition into three autonomous units, which can be used as tables or chairs depending on the context.

The possible combinations are endless. The tables are entirely covered by a thin layer of recycled wood.

Tavolino da caffè soggiorno in legno grigio design personalizzabile
Trittico 2017
Tavolinetto da salotto in legno grigio design artigianale
Trittico 2017
A low table and a dining table

Solid elm wood

Olmo is a mini collection of tables in solid elm wood. This pale wood has natural streaks that make it a very interesting, stable and resistant material.

The base of the dining table has two characteristics: stylistic and practical. The base was conceived as an animal skeleton, with a central vertebrae and ribs that support the top which in turn opens by sliding on guides. The top of the Olmo coffee table becomes the extension of the 60 cm dining table. At the same time, the table remains usable because it is equipped with a “top under the top”.

The two tables therefore integrate so ingeniously.

Of course, you can only order one of the two tables. Both can be customized in both materials and dimensions.

On wheels it's better

A different kind of coffee table

For the furnishing of this living room we were asked to design a sofa and two low tables that were easy to move but which were also containers for cushions and magazines.

We designed small islands equipped with wheels in recycled wood (fir from construction sites, restored and left in its natural color) that could change places and create new conformations depending on the position.

The sofa cushions were designed and hand-sewn by Abiuno (Alessia Bianco) along the lines of the old wool mattresses.

Divano artigianale su misura
tavolino basso legno e ferro industrial
Industrial coffee tables

Reclaimed wood from construction sites and iron

A reduced version of the older brother Magma dining table. This type of table is perfect for customization. The iron structure (in this case left with the processing signs without any covering) can be painted with all the ral colors for metal. The top is made up of polished and restored reclaimed fir boards. The boards can be left in their natural color or painted according to taste.

The name Magma was born for the red spot requested by the client which can be “eliminated” in new projects!

The softness of solid wood

Low striped tables

The beauty of solid wood are its natural shades that allow the creation of warm colors through the combination of different types of solid wood. The first coffee table is entirely in solid wood (walnut, maple, wengè and oak). The wheels allow you to transform it, if necessary, into a service trolley for Netflix dinners and a sofa!

The second low rectangular coffee table has an unusual feature: the lower top is made of a wavy thin but strong solid wood.


tavolo basso salotto con ruote legno massello
tavolo basso rettangolare legno massello
Mobile artigianale in legno e oggetti vintage
Mechanical sculptures

Morse tables

“Semi-functional” sculptures that combine different types of solid wood with old mechanical and industrial tools.“Semi-functional” sculptures that combine different types of solid wood with old mechanical and industrial tools.

You choose the ingredients!

Our catalogue has to be taken as a guide among our creations, ideas and kinds of solutions for decorating your home. They are a sort of family albums which show all the furniture designed and built along the years.

You can use it as an inspirational idea and move from it towards your custom-made and personalized furniture.
You can mix the ingredients as you like it: shapes, materials, dimensions, woods, reclaimed or new solid wood. This is the starting point which leads you to your customized handmade furniture!

Dimensions of the item

Choose the dimension of the object (we use centimeters): let us know about the height, width and depth. If you prefer your can send us the plan of the room and we will decide with you the dimension.

Sample or reference

Choose one or more already designed pieces of furniture from our catalogue. This will be the starting point of the designing process.

extra characteristics

Define the internal spaces, the number of drawers and doors and any special characteristic you think the furniture should have. Or if you want we can make it for you!

Choice of materials

Which finishes do you prefer? You can choose almost any detail of the new furnishing: handles, colors, finishes, materials, wood species, etc.

Pics of the room/space

Please feel free to send us some photos of the room in which the furniture will be inserted. This is very useful for us to understand your taste and style.


If you have a budget in mind please let us know: this can help us to define your project.

And then… we do the rest!
First of all we create a 3D project which gives you an idea of the result. From this step we start to modify the project as you suggest. We continue until we don’t reach your ideal furniture!

Do you need any help?

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