Decorating the living room with handmade equipped walls
A new concept for the equipped wall decoration


STORT-UP! is an ironic and playful way to explain the approach we have when we design an equipped wall: we interpret a wall as something to go free on, where we can also allow ourselves to go wrong, not to follow the straight line, playing with elements without a rigid or defined scheme, always trying to maintain functionality and aesthetics.

Pareti attrezzate moderne legno massello e recuperomoderne legno massello e recupero
Pareti attrezzate moderne legno massello e recuperomoderne legno massello e recupero
Modular custom-made structures and furniture


Our contemporary equipped walls are modular structures that furnish entire rooms, carrying out the most varied functions. Each equipped wall is made to measure starting from individual modules, assembled in order to create different designs that adapt to the space and living area: grid, cloud, suspended, ground-based, corner structures.

The equipped walls perform a combination of functions: containers of dishes and accessories for the home, objects, bookcases, multimedia spaces. They are conceived and organized according to the client’s needs and custom designed using different types of materials: old and new solid wood in all its essences, recycled materials, metals and vintage objects.

Parete attrezzata solo legno massello
libreria solo legno chiaro massello naturale
Your own and customized equipped wall

How to ask for a customized quotation

To start this process you can ask for an initial quotation. If you have some ideas which are spinning in your mind you can send us also a sketch with the dimensions of the wall to be decorated and some photos of the space. 

Together with the estimation of the costs we also provide delivery times. Laquercia21 take care of the entire creation process but also about the delivery and assembly part. We reach the delivery place personally to ensure the integrity of the furnishings during transport and the correct assembly of the same, an opportunity, moreover, to be able to meet us in person.

Fenice bookshelf system

Iron and wood bookcases

For the living room furnishing we design and create custom-made bookcase, in addition to modern and contemporary equipped walls.

The designing process for a bookcase or bookshelf is the same we use for the equipped wall projects.

We create functional and aesthetic pleasant solutions capable of communicating with the space which will welcome them and, at the same time, maintaining their unique and original character. Also for the living rooms area furniture we use different types of materials, ranging from solid new wood to recycled and recycled one, from metals to fabrics.

The structure of this open bookcase is made by modules with reclaimed wood doors and iron. We often use iron rods in combination with reclaimed old wood for an industrial style taste.

In addition to the taste, iron allows us to build structures which can be customized easily.

libreria in legno e ferro
Angled equipped wall

Industrial equipped wall: iron and old wood

Industrial furniture: iron and recalimed wood can characterize the furnishings for the living area with style. The recycling and reuse of materials is a good eco-sustainable alternative to build furniture and furnishings for the home.

This wall develops along two walls, creating a full-height corner structure. We used various types of colored reclaimed wood and iron. We illuminated two areas of the equipped wall with appliances made with colored perforated iron sheets.

Always with recycled wood we have built a small low TV cabinet with two doors and closed the space above the entrance door.




libreria legno e ferro
Parete Attrezzata Violet 2019
Intersection and contrast: lines and materials

Modern equipped wall

“Irene” (2012) is one of our first walls equipped with a very specific direction: a composition with a low TV cabinet, broken lines that cross the modules and spread over the wall like roots in search of water. Each intersection is underlined by a contrast of material or color.

This equipped wall alternates matt lacquer and recycled wood, modules with open compartments and parts closed by doors.

parete attrezzata moderna legno vintage
Is the client always right?


This contemporary equipped wall wall is made with solid oak wood, colored lacquers and recycled materials. The idea was to create a precarious balance between the various pieces that make up the equipped wall. Suspended wall units, TV cabinets, storage units with contemporary shapes and modern design crystallize in the act of an eternal implosion, a balancing act that becomes function and containment.


Pareti attrezzate in legno moderne
Stato Metastabile
Each time is a new design


More than designing the structure of the equipped wall, we like to think about the wall as a blank page where to draw freely: we do not graffiti inside the houses (unless we are asked to do so), but we imagine the wall of a living room or a study as a blank sheet to be filled in freely: a stroke pencil that evolves, sometimes it creates paths, some others take unexpected directions or suddenly change style and mood.

All this translates into the language of the craftsman in a furniture for the living area consisting of low modules, columns, wall units, shelves, grids and panels. The combination of these elements creates infinite possibilities of designs, chromatic effects and intertwining lines, for a custom-made equipped wall that adapts perfectly to the needs of the space and of the clients.

Parete attrezzata e credenza in stile industriale e legno riciclato e tubi idraulici colorati
Parete con i tubi 2014
Cucina lengo e ferro e soggiorno in open space
Libreria legno e ferro in stile industriale
parete attrezzata legno e laccatura
Balancing elements, materials and ideas

The ingredients

A functional design does not necessarily have to have all the contemporary styles of the equipped wall: we try to widen the field as much as possible, drawing on all the techniques and ideas that we have developed in other types of furniture.

This eclectic approach is the basis of a style in progress that we have called Freesign: the idea of mixing very different elements in a single context, seeking the precarious balance between the parts instead of taking the path of a reassuring minimalism.

New and old creative meetings



We sometimes include in the equipped wall some of our Pupazzi (our small pocket-sized furniture), our high expression of creativity and designing freedom.

Many of these ideas came from the clients themselves, while others were our daring proposals, well received by the hosts.

moduli contenitori pensili in legno grigio e legno recuperato
Parete attrezzata Irene 2012

You choose the ingredients!

Our catalogue has to be taken as a guide among our creations, ideas and kinds of solutions for decorating your home. They are a sort of family albums which show all the furniture designed and built along the years.

You can use it as an inspirational idea and move from it towards your custom-made and personalized furniture.
You can mix the ingredients as you like it: shapes, materials, dimensions, woods, reclaimed or new solid wood. This is the starting point which leads you to your customized handmade furniture!

Dimensions of the item

Choose the dimension of the object (we use centimeters): let us know about the height, width and depth. If you prefer your can send us the plan of the room and we will decide with you the dimension.

Sample or reference

Choose one or more already designed pieces of furniture from our catalogue. This will be the starting point of the designing process.

extra characteristics

Define the internal spaces, the number of drawers and doors and any special characteristic you think the furniture should have. Or if you want we can make it for you!

Choice of materials

Which finishes do you prefer? You can choose almost any detail of the new furnishing: handles, colors, finishes, materials, wood species, etc.

Pics of the room/space

Please feel free to send us some photos of the room in which the furniture will be inserted. This is very useful for us to understand your taste and style.


If you have a budget in mind please let us know: this can help us to define your project.

And then… we do the rest!
First of all we create a 3D project which gives you an idea of the result. From this step we start to modify the project as you suggest. We continue until we don’t reach your ideal furniture!

Do you need any help?

To start with a customized design or ask for a quotation please click below.