Limoleum and wood

Bolle Bookcase

Libreria in legno di recupero e linoleum

Bolle bookcase

Small double-sided bookcase, also ideal as a fifth or partition in the living room. It can contain books, objects, small plants.
The structure is in sycamore and walnut wood, and the “bubbles” are made of linoleum (100% natural, produced in Umbria, made of linen oil, wood, cork, jute, waxes), folded and arranged in a double layer, then fixed on the wood with domed head screws. The tracks created with linoleum are inserted in the perimeter of wood and are shaped in contrast to each other, creating the effect of irregular bubbles.


Materials: plane wood, walnut wood, linleum

Dimensions: W 95, D 24, H 130 cm.

Price: 1.850*

*Vat and transport not included: contact us for the all-inclusive quotation 

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