A historic sideboard

Sideboard Berlino 89

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mobili colorati madia Berlino 89


Cupboard-chest of drawers made by hand in our carpentry workshop.
Only one piece available with wooden structure covered with reclaimed wood and printed linoleum. On some pieces of linoleum were printed parts of original articles of various European newspapers published on the day of the fall of the Berlin Wall (1989).
Details: 4 drawers, 2 drawers and 4 compartments with doors + articles on the fall of the Berlin wall printed on linoleum and then used in patchwork.

Materials: solid wood, linoleum, printed linoleum, mdf

Dimensions: L 200 x P 42 x H 80 cm

PRICE: 4.300€*

*Vat and transport not included: contact us for the all-inclusive quotation 

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