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High sideboard Comignolo

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dispensa alta colorata

Coloured high sideboard Comignolo

High sideboard with 8 compartments with doors, 3 open compartments, 2 drawers.

The structure of the High Comignolo cupboard is made of oak listellar wood, fronts in new solid wood (walnut, elm) and recovery. It is characterized by parts painted with acrylic on wood, parts covered with sheets and 2 glass doors.
Oxidized iron legs.
Peculiarity: on the top of the furniture there is an ironic “chimney” tin.
One piece available.

Materials: new and recycled solid wood mix, tin, copper, recovered iron

Dimensions: L 110 x P 44 x H 208 cm

PRICE: 4.300€*

*Vat and transport not included: contact us for the all-inclusive quotation 

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