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Modern design wall unit furniture: Granchio

STORT_UP Wall unit Series

The idea of Stort-Up! It is born from an old worm: to refresh the concept of the wall system by subjecting it to an energetic scrambled, to blow up a stack of container modules and to see the effect it makes. Quello che ci interessa è di sfruttare una parete da capo a fondo per l’arredo funzionale applicando lo stesso approccio patchwork che già utilizziamo nel disegno di singoli arredi. The result is a heterogeneous mix of elements that penetrate, develop symbiosis, create precarious landscapes stacking each other, never losing their function.

It can happen that a pantry becomes the springboard of a bookcase, from which hangs, like a fishing rod, a lamp that happens to illuminate a desk collapsed by a low module.. and so on, in complete freedom of composition.

Freedom that we also allow ourselves in materials, using the full range of those available to us: old and new wood, resins, iron, etc.

Stort-up! is our ironic low-tech contribution to the world of contemporary innovation, an idea that is born and explodes, producing distortions from the unpredictable aesthetic outcome.

Materials: new solid wood, recovery solid wood, metal, perforated metal foil, resin.

Dimensions: L 340, P 41, H 230/260

PREZZO: 14.720€ 11.270€

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