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TThe design seen by the perspective of the furniture, the uniqueness of a one-off piece which reflects ourselves, when friendships or antipathies or epiphanies born.

Our evolution, which is non linear at all, is continually diverted, broken, guided by the personal taste of the single customer that meet us and invent with us a new style. Projects that take different paths are being born. We tell these roads as stories, putting in scene the game of the parts: furniture is the main character of a sequence of scenes and spaces, with the possibility to be involved in this dreamlike world.

The exhibition moves along a journey of scenarios, evocations, ironic quotations: a sequence of sceneries which are furniture and dreamlike spaces at the same time: dancing Puppets, lending ufos, cannibal chest of drawers, organic architectures, the vanity of avatar staring at a mirror. Laquercia21 shows its background of hybrid creatures, giving life to a collection of one-off pieces, entirely made with handicraft techniques in our workshop.


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