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How to order Q21 furniture              

If flicking through our archive you see the idea which works best for you, send us an email with the reference model and any further information about your needs: dimensions of the object, possible photos and measures of the space in which the piece of furniture will be placed in, the choice of the materials (solid or reclaimed wood, iron, etc.) and any other requests.

Scketch of a custom-made wall unit made by Laquercia21

Scketch of a wall unit

On the model you have chosen you can mix various ingredients: a leg of a table with the finish of a sideboard, the material of a chair with a detail of a Puppet, changing the arrangement of drawers and open compartments, mixing colors, etc… When you have told your idea we start our job!

We create a first idea of the project sending you a 3D sketch for free to have a general vision of the required piece of furniture; we also send 2 or 3 alternative proposals in which we mix different solution in accordance with your budget and needs, aside from a quotation which take into account also the transport and the assembling costs.

Scketch made by Laquercia21 of the Mattarella sideboard

Mattarella Sideboard in reclaimed wood with wheels

Where possible we also send photos of similar previous creations in order to give an idea of the effect of the combination of colors and materials. This will be the beginning of our co-planning and shared path.

It is very important to decide the proper BUDGET in order to understand which techniques and materials to use. Some manufacturers require more hours of work and some materials are more "expensive" than others: “more expensive” doesn't mean that the material is better than others but simply that it needs more “cares" to be turned into your idea! From the budget we can develop together your own project, built on your tastes and requests.

Kitchen cabinet in reclaimed wood and slate designed by Laquercia21

How is our furniture made?

Laquercia21’s production is made up with one-off pieces of furniture built with handicraft techniques and no CNC machines.
Each creative process, from the choice of materials step to the final one (finishing and test of the furniture), is cared by our carpenters.
The structures of our furniture, created by following the client’s needs, are made in solid wood, multilayer, MDF or multistrato of poplar, are design to be long-live and strong.
In the phase of assemblage the seams are strengthened by joinings made with beech tree (domino festool), and glued with a high-resistant vinyl glue (kleiberit). For big dimension furniture we use latest generation steel joinings (Lamello clamex).
In the painting phase we prefer to use waterbornes finishes because of their resistance and atoxicity. The surface finishing is made using brushes or roller; we make at least 3 finishing coats which are alternated to different thickness sandinds. As alternative we create finishes with acrylic resins or polyester lacquerings.
We use plenty of solid wood species: fir, oak, ash, walnut-tree, maple, until rarer and exotic woods as the wengè and the padouk.
The solid wood is sectioned and assembled in order to contain and to stabilize its movements in the time, or in alternative is reduced to a board of 4mm of thickness and used for mosaics and inlays.
The reclaimed wood from old furniture, doors and windows, is carefully reclaim and consolidated before being used for new creations. Laquercia21 also builds the structures and the iron parts of the furniture, which are finished with powder painting.
Due to the great variety of the materials used, Laquercia21 collaborated with a great number of locals of craftsmen, who supply some specific works and component: upholsterers, glassworkers, decorators.
The hardware of our furniture is selected among the best Italian and European brands: Willow and Hafele (hinges), Blum, Koblentz and Ceam (guides for the drawers).
In our workshop we work every type of material, mixing the new with the old one, the vintage with the contemporary, to create not conventional and original effects.
We work all the solid wood species, reclaimed woods from old furniture or windows, such as dismissed shutters or structures of abandoned chairs, wood lumber used in building sites, iron (old and new), cloths (new or vintage), resins, plexiglass, glass, copper, steel, etc.
The combination among the materials constitute the ground of our experimentation. Our clients can participate in this creative process by proposing new approaches or "dressing up" old models with other finishes.


We design and create single pieces of furniture such as sideboards, bookcases, tables, chairs, lamps, mirrors, bar furniture, beds, closets, but we also plan whole spaces such as living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, taking care about the entire creative and constructive process including the installation and assembly and attending the clients step by step.

White wooden livingroom

Reclaimed wood living room furniture

After few inspections of the space to be decorated and some conversations with the clients, we show a general stylistic suggestion which tends to merge the already-existed furniture with the one we would build, taking into account all the customer requirements.

Once the general vision of the decoration has been established, we pass to the design phase where we also give clear and precise quotations. The different designing stages are characterized by an active collaboration with the customers, who can add, remove or change some details in progress.

Industrial design dining romm and kitchen with iron and wood

Living room with tulips and reclaimed wood designed by Laquercia21

We try to give a clear and comprehensive idea of the final effect of the furniture by designing 3D sketches which show the decorated space seen from different angles. If required we can also create 3D renders to get a more realistic effect of the designed materials and surfaces.

The constructive process begins when we reach the definitive executive design: the delivery will be made within 60 days from the day of the acceptance of the order. We normally ask for the 20% of the total amount as payment on account, as partial coverage of the costs of the materials. We can collaborate with architects and interior designers and other companies within the same project where required.

Ginevra Wall unit in reclaimed wood with an old ladder

Iron and soldi wood wardrobe for living room

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