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Bars and public spaces              

Over the years we have received plenty of quotations to design and build furniture for public spaces.



We have transformed our original ideas and solutions, that were previously designed for private spaces, according to new needs and requests.

In order to meet the needs of public spaces like bars, shops, and restaurants, we have collaborated with a lot of craftsmen, architects, stonemasons, blacksmiths, tailors, painters, builders, glaziers, etc..


To receive a quotation for a public project, we follow the same procedure as our private requests. We first ask for a series of information needed to set and configure a draft outline and an idea of the costs.



Then we modify the project according to the specific requests and the eventual organization of the collaborations until we reach the final version of the project and the quotation.

In our workshop we design and create custom-made furniture for bars and public spaces (cafe, restaurants, shops, etc.), for which we plan and build solution able to conjugate the technical functionality of the single elements with an original aesthetics of strong visual impact.

We can also focus on the scenery of the public place, working on the covering of bars and preexisting structures or suggesting ad hoc elements able to change the look of the space: illumination, unit wall exhibition structures, tables and chairs.

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