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Laquercia21 is a made-in-Italy design workshop.

All our creations are one-off furniture made with handicraft techniques. Each time the original model turns into something different: a copy of the prototype that becomes the original model. Our archive has a double function: a gallery of furniture and complements and also a ever-changing box of ideas from which is possible to find inspiration for new creations.

We design and create interior furniture for all the home’s spaces: living room, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. We adopt an eclectic approach, mixing styles and solutions, moving from the minimalism to the Art-design, from the vintage to the industrial aesthetic, always taking care of the requests, the needs and the taste of the clients.


Some ideas to play with
Experiments, inventions and combinations of materials that can be be inserted in a project.

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For information, prices or personalized projects please write us an email by compiling us our form and we will answer you within few days.

Project and quotation are for free.