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    Laquercia21 address

    Strada Colle di sotto, 21
    05035 Narni (TR)


    nAm Ecodesign

    A creative and productive showroom and shop engaged in the eco-friendly design and sustainable architecture. “We think there is space in the world where consumption is direclty involved with the sustainability and respect for Mother nature”. Nam selects accurately all the products shown in their store and e-commerce. They select the designers and artisans, brands and companies only after a deep research on their philosophy and way of producing items.


    Arredare Designed Space

    Arredare Designed Space was born in 1968 thanks to the happy intuition of the old owners, who decided to deal with modern furniture, absolutely contemporary without compromise, letting themselves be fascinated without resistance by the numerous, innovative and attractive proposals of the moment. In a moment of great fervor in the field of design Arredare Design Space also began to design furniture distinguishing itself in the field of interior design throughout the province of Terni, Italy.

    Today Arredare is: Paola and Massimo, Maria Pia and Stefano.