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We do not create identical pieces of furniture: we create your own and unique furniture.

This is not a real catalogue but an archive of the majority of works we have been doing along the years.

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Each Laquercia21 piece of furniture is a unique piece of furniture made by using artisanal techniques. There is no standards here: you can choose dimensions, finishings, colors and shape. Get inspired by our family album!

Hybrids of contemporary design, grandmother’s kitchens, carpenter’s experiments. Our ideas in an eclectic collection of sideboards, dressers, cupboards, TV modules and bathroom furniture.

Small furniture, all unique pieces. Lacquered boxes-containers take on bizarre appearances, straddling homemade puppets, retro appliances, old scrapped robots.

A gallery of some Q21 bespoke creations for interior spaces. All the rooms of the house: equipped walls, bookcases, niches, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and wardrobes.

Q21 projects and designs for commercial premises and public spaces. Beyond a style to follow, we try to develop a well-recognizable identity for the space to be decorated.

The Pupazzi collection is a series of little cabinets which represents the most experimental part of our production: the avantgard of our research on materials and shapes.

Our collection of tools and chairs is made of light wooden skeletons, sprung or tilting backrests, slim iron structures, chromatic games with wood, reclaimed and new solid wood.

A gallery of tables which we have made at our carpentry up to now. Each sample can be personalized and customized to better fit to your needs and taste and the special features of the space.

Each Laquercia21 piece of furniture is a unique piece of furniture made by using artisanal techniques. For us each piece is a unique design shaping customers and their needs and ideas. Everything it’s free: the choice of the models, materials, internal organization, finishes and colors

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