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  • Striped, mosaic, glossy and solid wood dining tables, or simply made with top quality wood. Solid timber dining tables are so strong and striking and serve as the centrepiece of the room for good food, good drinks and good writing. All of our tables are available upon request in various sizes, materials and colours.
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    Table and Desks

  • The line is called "Pupazzi" and when each piece is created, the artisans follow the defined pattern, but there are never identical pieces: each one is unique and never the same. The pupazzi line is made from reclaimed materials and found objects such us wood, fabric and iron. They all have bizarre shapes and appearances and they look like home-made puppets, vintage furniture and scrapped old robots.
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  • Ibridi di ingenuo design contemporaneo, cucine della nonna, esperimenti del falegname. Tutti i nostri mobili sono realizzabili su richiesta in varie dimensioni, colori e materiali.
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